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Keeping your family safe from wasps in Roslin

Wasp Control
Wasp nest removal can be very dangerous if it is not approached in a safe and professional manner. With an average nest holding in excess of 10,000 individual wasps during the summer months, they will attack instantly and in large numbers. Wasps can also sting multiple times unlike bees, so even a small nest early in season can be a serious problem and should be treated by a professional pest controller in Roslin.

Wasp Stings
If you have been stung by a wasp and are starting to feel unwell then you MUST seek medical advice immediately. A wasp sting can cause Anaphylactic Shock and can be life threatening.

The nest is treated via the entrance hole or the nest directly using a fast acting insecticide called Ficam D. This will be carried into the nest by the returning wasps killing the queen and all wasps inside. It is common for the nest to become very active after the treatment for the next few hours and it is essential the area is avoided. Once a nest has been treated it will NOT be reused by another queen the next season and will remain dormant.

Towns also covered around Roslin include: Rosslynlee, Bilston
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