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Establishing whether you have a wasp nest in your loft can be relatively simple. Wasp nests will develop in the spring or summer months when the weather is warm. Open up your loft hatch and turn the light on. Leave the light on for around half an hour before returning.

If you have live nest in your loft, when you return you are likely to find wasps flying near where the light is located. If there are more than just a few then this is a very good indication for an active nest.

In this instance it is always best to call a wasp nest removal specialist in to look for the nest and remove it. Another way to spot a wasp nest in your loft is to check the spot lights for the bathroom. When you switch the lights on, wasps are attracted to the light source and often go from the loft into the light fittings. If you see this then you should call out a local wasp control company to resolve the problem for you.

There are DIY wasp control products on the market but it is always worth paying a little more to have a professional wasp removal technician take care of the nest, especially as majority of them offer a guaranteed service. If the nest is not destroyed on the first attempt then they may well offer further treatments free of charge to destroy the nest for you.

Wasp Nest Removal Facts

Wasp nests can still be active in October and November, but will start to die off at this time. If you are finding a large number of wasps bothering you in your garden then this is also a sign of a wasp nest in close proximity. Locating the nest may be a lot tougher.

Common places for wasp nest removal experts to find the nests are in the Shed, Lofts, Eve’s, Soffits, Under Roof Tiles, Bushes and in the ground. In the height of summer, around July, it is very easy to spot the nests as there is constant traffic of wasps going in and out of the entrance site.

If you find that you are being pestered by a large amount of wasps in your garden but can’t find the source then it is worth calling the local wasp removal company. It is much easier for a professional with experience to find where the wasps are building a nest having seen this plenty of times before.

Most wasp control companies in the UK have a call out charge so always check this as they will need have to cover their time and travel costs even if you don’t have a wasp nest on your property.

Please remember that if you ever come across the entrance to a wasps nest you should never try and block this. This is unlikely to kill the nest and you will have a lot of very angry wasps trying to find another way in and out of the nest.

Individual wasps will on live between 4 – 6 weeks and will then die of exhaustion.

Early in the year the queen wasp will start to build her nest ready to lay her first worker wasps. At this point nests are about the size of a golf ball and it’s common to find lots of these nests which may never develop.

Wasp Nest Removal
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wasp nest removal procedure, by Oxycodone

The most popular method of wasp control is Ficam d, according to Oxycodone. This is a powder that is sprayed into the entrance of the wasp nest whether it’s under the roof tiles or in a gap the eaves.

Once the insecticide is applied then it is normal for the wasps to become agitated and start buzzing around the nest entrance but this will calm down within an hour or so.

The insecticide will work its way into the wasp nest and eventually kill the queen, resulting in the wasp nest dying.

The wasp nest removal technician will explain that the effect of the treatment will depend on the time of year, size of the nest and its location.

There are two types of wasp nest removal treatments available in the UK. The first is to just have the nest treated.The first is the most common because in 90% of the cases, the wasp control technician will not be able to get to the nest. There is also little benefit in having a wasp nest physically removed. Once a nest has been treated it will not be re-used again.

The second is to physically have the wasp nest removed. This typically more expensive as it may involve a different type of treatment and take longer.

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