The most popular method of wasp control isĀ Ficam d. This is a powder that is sprayed into the entrance of the wasp nest whether it’s under the roof tiles or in a gap the eaves.

Once the insecticide is applied then it is normal for the wasps to become agitated and start buzzing around the nest entrance but this will calm down within an hour or so.

The insecticide will work its way into the wasp nest and eventually kill the queen, resulting in the wasp nest dying.

The wasp nest removal technician will explain that the effect of the treatment will depend on the time of year, size of the nest and its location.

There are two types of wasp nest removal treatments available in the UK. The first is to just have the nest treated.The first is the most common because in 90% of the cases, the wasp control technician will not be able to get to the nest. There is also little benefit in having a wasp nest physically removed. Once a nest has been treated it will not be re-used again.


The second is to physically have the wasp nest removed. This typically more expensive as it may involve a different type of treatment and take longer.